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Pleass Global Limited through its premium brand VaiWai® has provided a very significant and largest ever corporate sponsorship over a three year period to Rotary Pacific Water for Life Foundation. This commitment will ensure that many communities across Fiji will have access to running water, sanitation and a greatly enhanced lifestyle. Water changes lives and assists with breaking the poverty cycle and Pleass Global Limited has a corporate objective to bring water to Fiji communities that have no access to clean water and sanitation. A significant, listed, bottled water company based in Fiji, Pleass Global sees this significant contribution as meeting our obligations as a contemporary international company and in line with our desire to assist with empowering communities to develop.

VaiWai®, natural artesian water, in partnership with Rotary Pacific Water, is bringing water to Fiji! Mr Warwick Pleass, Managing Director, added “ The Pleass Global family is proud and excited to be part of supporting the wonderful work done by Rotary Pacific Water in providing clean water solutions and sanitation to communities who lack these vital services. Pleass Global will pursue enhancement of the lives of Fijians in a real and powerful manner though this sponsorship and our Board saw fit to support such a programme for a three year period.




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