Since 1997 the company averaged 30% growth compounded over thirteen years. Institutional investors were sought for 30% of the company in 2006 and the initial public offering (IPO) oversold by 10% at time of listing in January 2009. Our sales, production and distribution teams are continually being strengthened in numbers and undertaking training. We are also investing in a new $10 million dollar “green fields” state of the art and environmentally sustainably designed warehouse and water bottling facility on our own 420 acres of land in Namosi, Fiji, the development is expected to reach completion stages in early 2016.

Company Activity

Packaging & Disposable Items Distribution:
Single and multiple use disposable items. Primarily, but not limited to, food and beverage packaging, sanitation and health care goods. Paper, plastic and EPS disposables for beverages, tableware and packaging. The range includes PVC film-wrap, pallet-wrap and shrink-wrap, plastic EPS food trays and takeaway containers, plastic, paper and wooden tableware, cups, napkins, cutlery, bags, wraps, place-mats, tray liners, wipes, doilies, plates and drinking straws. Add paper, paperboard and plastic general use portion and standard containers, boxes, carry-trays and cup-trays, cake and bakery containers and products, gloves, hats, coats, smocks & aprons, aluminum foil sheets, rolls and containers. Cutlery and wet wipe packs and sachets of sugar, salt and pepper plus custom prints on many products are also stocked and offered.

Water Production and Sales:
AquaSafe® is an iconic brand in the Pacific. AquaSafe® is available in our 15 litre refillable bottles and the bottles are now BPA free, another initiative Pleass has undertaken to deliver the purest of waters to our valued customers. In addition, we produce a range of non-returnable water packages; 110ml cups plus 250ml, 350ml, 600ml, 1 L, 1.5 L, and 3 L bottles.We have recently launched a new AquaSafe® presentation, it is a 10L bag-in-box portable dispensing pack with a tap. VaiWai® natural artesian water in our newer premium brand and is gaining sales in Fiji and internationally; it is produced in the following variants 330ml,500ml,1L, 1.5L . We also stock the region’s widest and best quality range of water filters and filter elements. We regularly consult on water treatment and filtration, plus supply custom designed filtration and sterilization systems for domestic and commercial applications. Also, domestic and industrial water filtration and sterilization equipment. Pleass also provide consultancy services regarding water bottling, processing and packaging.

Equipment Importation & Sales:
Mosquito control solutions and equipment, refrigeration equipment, beverage dispensing equipment, water fountains and coolers.

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