“Notable for it’s distinguishing taste and soft texture, AquaSafe’s® artesian source is deep below our tropical rainforest in Fiji. Over 4 metres of rain falls each year to slowly filter down and wait to be bottled.”

“Notice how soft AquaSafe® is on the palette. You WILL notice the difference between AquaSafe® and others. Perhaps it’s the especially low total dissolved solids (TDS) in the water, perhaps it is the natural flavour from the geology of this remarkable aquifer. It’s source is deep beneath our tropical rainforest in the South Pacific’s pristine Namosi mountains, in the Fiji Islands.

“See if you find AquaSafe® as soft and silky on the palette as many of our customers do. The entire water catchment area for AquaSafe’s® artesian aquifer is isolated from any and all human activity. Only the quiet sound of birds, rustling of tropical breezes and the babbling of the creeks that flow 24/7/365. You see, it rains all year round, a staggering 4.5 metres of rainfall annually. And AquaSafe® is sourced from deep below that land; our very own lowland tropical rainforest in Fiji.

AquaSafe® started in 1998 bottling 15 litre refillable polycarbonate “cooler bottles”. This is arguably the most environmentally friendly water package in the world. That is because we can wash, sterilise and refill the bottle many times over. But these bottles are only practical for home and office water coolers due to their size. Many consumers prefer water in recyclable but non-refillable PET bottles because of their size and convenience. So in recent years AquaSafe® has been bottled in 110ml, 250ml, 350ml, 600ml, 1.0litre, 1.5 litre and 3 litre bottles (all BPA free). These are just some of the great products in the AquaSafe® range of packaged waters.

Pleass Global is the bottler of AquaSafe®. Pleass are the market leaders in Fiji, providing absolute top quality products at affordable prices. All staff pride themselves on their customer service reputation, earned over 17 years of customer service excellence.

We are accredited with the Australasian Bottled Water Institute (ABWI) with a rating of the highest standard; Bottling Excellence as well as fully HACCP certified.. These are both audited by independent third party annual audit.

This means our customer get the purest natural artesian water every time backed up by the best systems and service possible.

All sizes of AquaSafe® Natural Artesian Water, from ourAll AquaSafe bottled water (15 litre down to 250ml bottles) is 100% Natural Artesian Water from our pristine rainforest aquifer under their certified organic farm land in Namosi.

The water is extracted and then transported to the bottling facility by tanker.

AquaSafe®Natural Artesian Water is then bottled within exacting international standards to provide a safe and healthy drinking water, while preserving its natural state and mineral content. In the case of 15 litre cooler refills, returned bottles are inspected, washed, sanitized, rinsed and reinspected. Customers can rest assured we will maintain our high quality standards at international levels and to be certain we submit annually to an independent 3rd party audit. Only two bottlers in Fiji submit to audit and comply with the standards!

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