American Biophysics is a science-based company that has been testing receptors on blood-seeking insects for almost a decade. Our entomologists and researchers formalized and documented the theory of how female blood-seeking insects navigate to people or other mammals using these receptors. One of these receptors contains neurons that detect the presence of carbon dioxide exhaled by humans. Once it was understood how these insects use carbon dioxide and other compounds to navigate to a host, our scientists then studied insect behavior during navigation. The Mosquito Magnet “ was designed to take advantage of this behavior.

American Biophysics, a Rhode Island-based company, has a joint venture with the U.S. Department of Agriculture to isolate, test and develop new attractants and repellents that are recognized by these neurons. This joint venture is dependent upon the uniquely developed electrophysiology testing capabilities of American Biophysics.

Continuing scientific research has resulted in the development of the Mosquito Magnet“, which captures and eliminates biting insects from a defined area. Our scientists have focused on the electrical signals generated by nerves in the insect’s maxillary palp, (the mouthpart of the insect) and test for attractants that stimulate the insect’s sensory system.

The biting technology developed by American Biophysics went into professional traps used by state and federal agencies to monitor diseases. This new proven and widely used technology is now available for commercial and residential use. People who refuse to allow biting insects to spoil the pleasure of their business and home environments use the Mosquito Magnet“. This field-proven device eliminates biting insects, is environmentally friendly, and requires no pesticides or harmful substances.

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