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Operating Costs of Propane Converted to Co2 vs. Purchased CO2 (Based on 24 hour/day, year round operation) 3lbs. of CO2 are needed each day to capture blood-seeking insects. 1 lb. of propane creates 3 lbs of CO2

Propane Carbon Dioxide
Cost per Pound $0.166 $1.00
Daily Cost (3 lbs.) $0.50 $3.00
Monthly Cost $15.00 $90.00
Yearly Operating Cost $180.00 $1,080.00
Electric Killing Grid $504 Annually
Total Annual Cost $180.00 $1,584.00

Here is What You Need To Know Before You Buy Any Mosquito Abatement Product

Fact 1

Not All Biting, Blood Seeking Insects

Many insects are actually good for the environment and should not be trapped (i.e. ladybugs, moths, butterflies, bees, and other flower pollinating inscets).You need a device like the Mosquito Magnet that attracts only blood seeking insects in large numbers.

Independent research has proven that the following gadgets do not work:

  • Bug Zappers
  • Sonic Devices – mosquitoes are not attracted to sound
  • Citronella candles
  • Tabletop inhibitors
  • Adhesive strips/pads – kill beneficialnscets, pollen will clog
  • Open flames (non-catalytic) – produce high levels of carbon monoxide (CO) and low levels of carbon dioxide (CO2)

Fact 2

The Key Element That Attracts Mosquitoes To You is your Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Emissions.

Only mosquito traps like the Mosquito Magnet that use CO2 as the primary attractant have been scientifically and independently proven to be effective against mosquitoes and other biting insects. Traps that rely entirely on other attractants such as sound, light and heat in-effect compared to those that rely mainly on the use of CO2.The use of sonic devices that mimic human heartbeat sounds are not scientifically proven to trap mosquitoes.

Fact 3

Not all CO2 – Based Mosquito Traps are Safe and/or Cost – Effective

Be wary of open flame device claiming to generate carbon monoxide (CO). Several competitive mosquito traps use very high pressure and expensive tanks to provide processed CO2. Such tanks may not have the types of safety features necessary for consumer products. These tanks and regulators must be transported properly to reduce the danger from and mishandling.They also are not readily available like the propane tanks that are used to run the Mosquito Magnet or your barbecue grill.

The costs of processed CO2 are 6 times the cost of catalytically converted CO2 from propane. The high operational costs of processed CO2 traps require you to switch them on and off for a few hours each evening, which will significantly reduce the catch rates.

Fact 4

Not all CO2 – Based Traps are Designed and Engineered The Same Way

For mosquito trap to be effective it must emit a plume of CO2, at a very precise output level and rate to attract mosquitoes. The insects sensory systems have to notice the difference between the CO2 plume generated by the trap and normal CO2 levels. Competitive models simply do not deliver these precise levels of CO2 outputs. Only the Mosquito Magnet is designed to deliver the precise amount of CO2 on a 24 hour basis so that a certain of CO2 stretches out to welcome the
mosquitoes, trapping both day and night biters

Fact 5

The Mosquito Magnet is made by a Company that Understands Biting Insects and their Behavior.

American Biophysics Corp. has over 12 years of research and several patents to support its revolutionary design of the Mosquito Magnet. American Biophysics’s research has always focused on the behavior of mosquitoes and biting insects. Thats All We Do! Our team of scientists has distinguished record of contributions to the field of entomology. WE are the only company in the world that records the blood seeking insects categorized and positively identified the neuron used by blood insects for navigation.

Fact 6

Beware of Claims Like “Cheaper Than the Mosquito Magnet” or “Works Better Than a Mosquito Magnet”.

When you are the industry leader you attract exaggerated claims from marketing companies selling ineffective imitations:
We’ve got scientific research and patents!
We’ve got the independent evaluations!
We’ve got the testimonials and the mosquitoes to prove that we are the best.

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