How Does The Mosquito Magnet Work?

Mimicking human breath, a warm, moist carbon dioxide plume is produced from propane gas to attract the biting insects. As they approach the source, they are vacuumed into the net, where they dehydrate and die.

What Attracts Bitting Insects To People?

Carbon dioxide, water vapor and heat that result from breathing.

Is The Mosquito Magnet Cost Effective?

Yes! With an estimated $10.00 per month for propane gas that not only creates the electricity needed to power the unit and the fans, but also creates the CO 2 by-product that attracts the insects.

Is It Easy To Use?

It’s as simple as lighting your gas grill. The Mosquito Magnet“ uses a standard 20-lb.propane tank, stands alone, and requires no electricity or batteries.

Is The Mosquito Magnet Environmentally Friendly?

Yes! No pesticides are used. It is quiet, and no dangerous bacteria are released into the air stream as with “bug zappers”.

Which Bitting Insects Will The Mosquito Magnet Capture?

Mosquitoes, No-see-ums, Black Flies, and Sand Flies.

Does It Capture Moths, Beetles, Ladybugs Or Other Beneficial Insects?

No. Biting insects have receptors in their maxillary palps that attract them to source of carbon dioxide. Non-biting insects without these receptors are not attracted.

Who Would Use The Mosquito Magnet?

Any residential customer or owners of restaurants, golf, yacht and beach clubs, camps, private and public recreation areas, amusement parks, or wherever increased outdoor activity will increase profits and customer comfort.

Is It Possible To Eliminate Or Dramatically Reduce The Bitting Insects Population In An Area?

Biting insect populations are not infinite. In fact, 90% of the insects that bite you live within 100 yards of where they are biting you. Biting insects do not migrate. The other 10% are wind borne. The Mosquito Magnet virtually collapses the finite population of insects by removing only the egg layers from the environment.

Can The Mosquito Magnet Trap Out An Area?

Yes! Depending on temperature, rainfall and proximity to breeding sites, the Mosquito Magnet will capture in excess of 1,500 mosquitoes daily, plus thousands of sand flies, no-see-ums and black flies. Average catch results were:

Everglades, FL
Vero Beach, FL
Newport, RI

100,000 mosquitoes daily
2,000 mosquitoes daily
1,600 mosquitoes daily

Since only female egg layers are captured, and each female will lay between 300-1000 eggs during its four week life span, capturing 1,000 females per day results in eliminating a minimum of 300,000 potential offspring. As succeeding generations are eliminated, the population will collapse. This occurs after 6 to 8 weeks of use. No eggs. No insects.

How Many Mosquito Magnet’s Are Needed To Trap Out An Area?

Usually one Mosquito Magnet per acre, but this varies. The carbon dioxide plume can cover an area of 30 to 100 yards, depending on wind conditions. Two traps are necessary if front and back yards are separated by a house. The house will act as a barrier.

Nothing Else Like It
The Mosquito Magnet is the most innovative biting insect technology ever! Ten years of scientific research, thousands of hours of field testing, consumer testing and product engineering have produced a product that not only works amazingly well, but is now priced for you to sell.

What makes the Mosquito Magnet unique?

  • Not a gimmick.
  • Designed from over 10 years of entomological research and exhaustive field-testing.
  • Used by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Center for Disease Control and the United States Military.
  • Environmentally friendly. Generates its own electricity and CO2 attractant from readily available propane.
  • Easy to operate. Low operating costs.
  • Operates 24 hours per day for up to 21 days on a single 20lb. propane tank.
  • No harmful chemicals sprayed and no airborne fragments of “zapped” insects. Safe for pets and children.
  • Captures only female, egg-laying biting insects. No eggs. No insects.
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