VaiWai® is a key element of Pleass Global Limited (PGL) development on the international market. VaiWai® is PGL’s response to some of the challenges faced by the bottling industry. We believe VaiWai’s® packaging is among the best in the world of bottled water packaging – but recycling is still best.

VaiWai® is a combination of two words from the Pacific… “Vai” is a Polynesian word meaning water while “Wai” is the Fijian word for water too. To be pronounced “Vye Wye”, where the ‘ye’ in each sounds like the ‘hy’ in “why”.

VaiWai® bottle is made of polyethylene terephthalate, commonly known as PET. PET is recyclable but will not biodegrade. To allow biodegradability an additive has been added to the VaiWai® bottle material. This additive breaks down the molecular chain which makes it easier for bacteria to « eat and digest » the material. More information on our biodegradability page.

*VaiWai’s®bottles and caps have been tested for biodegradability under ASTM D5511-11 which is an acceptable testing method for the biodegradability of plastics in accelerated digestion conditions under AS/NZS 14021:2000. ASTM D5511-11 is the standard test method for determining anaerobic bio-degradation of plastic materials under high solids anaerobic digestion conditions. Or more simply put, a rare, optimum disposal environment that mimics much faster bio-degradation than most landfills around the world. In optimum disposal conditions, VaiWai’® bottles and caps will biodegrade over time. 17% in just 9 months per independent tests. (TEST RESULTS) AS/NZS 14021:2000 is the Australian and New Zealand Standard for self-declared environment claims.

*The ASTM D5511-11 test mimics rare disposal environments and represents faster bio-degradation than most landfills. In the right disposal conditions, VaiWai’® bottles and cap will biodegrade. (refer to test results) In landfills and other more common environments the rate of bio-degradation is slower. Regardless of the rate of bio-degradation, we strongly recommend recycling VaiWai’® bottles.